Be Fearless

FEAR  (false evidence appearing real)

Be Fearless

There are two types of people those wait for opportunities to come and the other type are ones that create opportunity even though they might fail in their first attempt.

In the first group we have people who wait and wait for opportunities in their life but never make anything happen they end up in jobs they don’t want and working for people they don’t care about. They are stuck doing the same old things day in and day out.

The second group are fearless and they make opportunities happen for themselves. These are the risk takers because they know if you don’t take risks and give it your best shot then you won’t have the opportunities that you want in life. These people learn how to become an entrepreneur through constant trial and error. If you want to learn from the entrepreneurs in 2012 you need to take risks and be fearless towards your goals and dreams. You can’t sit there dreaming you have to go for it.

You live life ion your terms and make the dreams you have become reality. An entrepreneur can’t wish for success he or she has to make success. This people live the life they have envisioned for themselves and along the way bring thеmselves great success. This is because they don’t let obstacles hold them back. These entrepreneurs put everything into what they do and give it 100% all the time. These people are the ones that lead the Fortune 500 because of their drive; ambition, and work ethic. They don’t wait for those opportunities to show up, they go out and grab hold of them.

The Fear Factor

People that don’t go and find opportunities and make them happen suffer from a fear factor. They are afraid of failing and afraid of what might happen.  The other group doesn’t hold onto that fear but understands that mistakes will happen and that success comes from hard work and even from those failures. When you are fearless you bring success to you because you take risk as an entrepreneur, you make things happen.

A businessman can’t be successful by wishing g his or her company is successful they have to make it happen. You havе to put yourself out there and give it everything you have and not give into the fear of failing. It’s not luck that has a role it’s a drive to be successful. Talent may play a bit of a role in the equation but mostly it’s just a willingness to be fearless in whatever you want to accomplish. A boxer doesn’t become champion by hiding in the corner and taking punches they fight with all their strength and you need tot do the same. This is how you learn from the entrepreneurs in 2012 or in any year.

You are the one that will determine your fate and you are the only one that can drive yourself forward towards those goals you havе in life. Don’t be afraid of fear, push through it, and be fearless. If you do this you’ll find success as an entrepreneur.–Ms















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