How To Visualize Success Like Jim Carrey

Wondering How to Visualize Success?

No matter where you are in life currently, you can gain more confidence and work toward your goals by using visualization. Goal setting is an excellent way that you can work towards various achievements in your life. For overcoming some of life’s largest challenges however professional actors, athletes, business people and more use visualization to overcome obstacles and to give them the confidence that they need to push through some of life’s toughest challenges.

How to Visualize Success Like Comedian Jim Carrey

Perhaps one of the best examples comes from actor and comedian Jim Carrey who at the beginning of his acting career would spend time visualizing himself as a successful actor over just a short term of 3 to 5 years. He wrote a post dated check for $10 million and visualized himself cashing it on the date that the check cleared. For three years he carried this check around in his wallet as he landed more and more acting jobs and built his career. He managed to set his goal and was awarded a major movie contract for dumb and dumber just before the checks postdate which allowed him to act on his visualization.

You Can Do It Too – How to Visualize Success On Your Own

You too can visualize success to overcome a variety of small goals within your life or work towards larger goals. Visualize yourself paying off your mortgage, getting a promotion, or finishing school and then work hard towards your goal so that you can one day act on your visualization and live it.

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